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Intense cleaning, particular gradation control, and superior drying processes provide supreme quality sand to the market.  Our sand is used in several different applications such as filter media, trowel and broadcast, and even geo-thermal industrial processes.  Standard sizes are available and special sizing is available with advance notice.  Consolidated Aggregates also offers exotic sands of various natural colors that make exquisite accents.









Sands & Aggregates

All Purpose Sand

Pakmix All Purpose SandPakmix® Premium All Purpose Sand is a clean, graded sand that can be mixed with Portland cement and gravel to make concrete, used as underlayment for brick pavers, used in the garden, and much more.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

Available In: 70lb Bags



Commercial Grade Sand

Pakmix Commercial Grade SandPakmix® Commercial Grade Sand is a clean, graded sand with multiple uses which is available in fine, medium, and coarse grades.
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It may be used for:

  • Landscaping
  • Underlayment for brick pavers
  • Pet boxes
  • Additional traction in ice and snow
  • Various Portland cement mixes


Available in:  50 and 100 lb Bags



Play Sand

Pakmix® Play Sand is washed, sterilized, dried, screened, contains no organic material, and can be used with cement mixes.
Tech Sheet / MSDS

It is suitable for:

  • Sand boxes
  • Moulding
  • Fish bowls
  • Foundation under brick patios
  • Mason sand
  • Pet boxes
  • Traction sand
  • Cigarette urns
  • Winter ballasts for cars/trucks
  • Gardening

Available in:  50lb Bags