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Pakmix® began in 1980 as a group of independently, owner operated packaged concrete producers who banded together with a common goal of manufacturing a premium product under a single brand through a nationwide network of concrete suppliers. Through their combined resources, Pakmix offers and delivers a complete line of packaged cement products and related specialty products to home centers, mass merchandisers and independent retailers across the nation. All Pakmix products are uniform in size and packaging and meet national standards and local quality assurance standards. In an ever changing industry, Pakmix manufacturers are committed to consistently producing quality products.

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Anchor Cement

Pakmix Anchor CementPakmix® Anchor Cement is a scientifically formulated blend of cement and other ingredients that expands as it sets. Anchor Cement can be used to anchor bolts, hooks, railings, set posts and poles, seal around pipes and conduit, and level concrete before setting machines. Simply add water.
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Available in: 10lb and 50lb Plastic Pails


Athletic Field Marker

Pakmix Athletic Field MarkerPakmix® Athletic Field Marker is a specially formulated blend of crushed white high calcium limestone. It is ideal for use as a line marker for any outside sports activity where the boundary lines must be made visible for players and spectators such as baseball and football fields, or driving ranges.
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Available in:  50lb Bags



Blacktop Patch

Pakmix Blacktop PatchPakmix® Blacktop Patch is a ready-to-use mixture of asphalt and graded aggregates ideal for the repair of blacktop surfaces such as driveways, walkways, and parking areas. Blacktop Patch is pre-blended and requires no mixing before use.
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Available in: 50lb Bags






Concrete Glue

Pakmix Concrete Glue
Pakmix® Concrete Glue is a liquid bonding adhesive for improving the bond between new Portland cement mixes and existing surfaces. It can be used for bonding new concrete to old concrete and masonry, improving the holding power of new stucco or mortar to any interior or exterior clean, sound surface, and bonding mortar bed for ceramic tile to old floors and walls.
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Available in: 1 Qt. and 1 Gal. Plastic Containers


Non Shrink Grout

Pakmix Non Shrink GroutPakmix® Non Shrink Grout is a scientific blend of non-ferrous admixtures, graded sand, and Portland cement. It is a high strength, general purpose grout for most construction applications at any consistency; drypak, plastic, or flowable.
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It can be used for:

  • Setting structural columns
  • Machine bases
  • Snaptie holes
  • And much more

Available in:  55lb Bags


Quickset  Cement

Pakmix Quick Set CementPakmix® Quickset Cement is a scientifically formulated blend of cement, silica sand, and other ingredients for fast setting repair of concrete and masonry surfaces. It is ready for use in 4 hours and can be used to repair curbs and steps without the use of forms, patch stucco and precast concrete, seal or fill holes in concrete and masonry, repair minor defects in concrete pipe, in overhead repairs, and on roads and driveways.
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Available in:  10 and 50lb Plastic Pails


Self-Leveling Underlayment

Pakmix Fast Setting Self Leveling UnderlaymentPakmix® Fast Setting Self-Leveling Underlayment is a premium blend of Portland cement, polymers, aggregates, and proprietary admixtures designed to provide a smooth and level floor without the labor intensity of hand applied materials and provide a hard surface in 3 to 4 hours.   When cured it provides a finished underlayment that will have similar properties to concrete.
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Available in:  50lb Bags



Stop Leak

Pakmix Stop LeakPakmix® Stop Leak (hydraulic) Cement is a specially formulated blend of cement and other ingredients designed to stop the flow of water through cracks and holes in concrete and masonry. It can also be used to patch holes in cisterns and water tanks, repair decks and swimming pools, and plug leaks around pipes and conduit.
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Available in:  10 and 50lb Plastic Pails


Vinyl Concrete

Pakmix Vinyl ConcretePakmix®
Vinyl Concrete is a scientifically formulated blend of Portland cement, graded sand, vinyl polymer, and other ingredients for patching and resurfacing concrete and masonry. Simply add water. The recommended application is 1/8″ to 1/2″ thick.
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Available in:  40lb Bags and 10lb Plastic Pails